i-PK is your engineering company for radial shaft seals, the latest manufacturing methods and process optimization in the manufacturing industry

We are a start-up in the field of elastomer technology. Through developments with a university, we will soon be able to deliver radial shaft seals in many sizes at short notice (target: within 24 hours) and many materials. In addition, we will also offer seals in the micro range, from about 0.3 mm shaft diameter. We also design modern and cost-effective sealing solutions.

In our blog you will already find a lot of useful information about our projects and general sealing knowledge. Are you interested in cooperating with a flexible start-up? Feel free to contact us any time, should one of the topics be interesting for you.

seal market analysis

Market Segmentation & Business Verticals Industrial seal and gasket can be classified depending on their application, type of material, distribution channel and region. Global market

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